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Intellectual Property and business litigation 

​Mr. Street has represented professional photographers and other artists in copyright infringement cases for almost 40 years.  The professional photographers with whom he has had the privilege of working are many of the very best in Hawai'i, including several  with national reputations.  They are men and women with extraordinary talent who have invested tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars in camera equipment, film, digital scanners and other equipment, computers and photo editing software, and travel expenses.  They hire the helicopters for the beautiful aerial shots; they build their own underwater camera casings for the great under-water and surfing images; they make countless trips to a location and wait for just the right moment for sun and surf to cooperate in that perfect image.

With the move to Internet marketing, and especially “social media marketing” there is more demand for great images than ever before, but many commercial marketing departments seem to have forgotten completely about copyright laws.  Big companies that previously knew that they needed licenses from the copyright holders and model releases to use images in their commercial advertising and websites seem to feel free now to take any image they can find on the internet and use it to drive traffic to their commercial websites without licensing the images. In the almost 12 years since he started his solo practice, Mr. Street has obtained settlements for copyright infringements benefitting more than 100 individual photographers and other artists.  

Below is a representative sample of Mr. Street's very talented clients, with their images (used here by permission).  All rights to the images  below are reserved to the respective copyright owners.  Any unauthorized copying or other use of the images is strictly prohibited.  To license the use of these images contact the stock agencies, or the individual photographers and artists listed below:

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J. Stephen Street

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